And the organizing continues…

Writing is a passion…I’ve been working with a partner to write a novel. We have taken our passions and applied them into storytelling. What have I learned over this process…here it is….

The Macleod / Doughlas Novels

Using Scrivener to map out Stronger Together Using Scrivener to map out Stronger Together

In the midst of editing, when time allows, I am organizing our brainstorming for our second book, Strong Together.  I have utilized several resources, and ideas, and refined them to suit my needs, my partner needs.

We both learned several lessons from our first steps on this journey.

  1. Writing takes patience, time, and effort.  Constant examination of our ourselves and our dreams
  2. Write, write, read, write, write, read, edit, write, edit, write.
  3. Make a commitment to the writing process.
  4. Keep a journal for ideas, and take the time to organize.
  5. Historical fiction needs fact checking, and understanding the time and space in which your characters live.
  6. Don’t be afraid.  Let your fears have their voice.
  7. Even a measured dose of failure, is a success
  8. Set realistic goals and objectives with a timeline of delivery.  Make them adaptable, and flexible.  This is about quality…

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