In the meantime…

Edits are almost complete on the first novel, and we’ve had some feedback from beta readers.  All came back with encouraging thoughts, that they are hooked from the start, drawn into our ‘world’.  That makes me at least of the pair of us, extremely happy.  As I work on the edits, and take much-needed breaks, I am starting to plan out our brainstorming ideas into a plot diagram or excel sheet.

Why?  Because of the few lessons I learned from composing the first historical romance novel ~ Always, Forever.  One it’s a massive, migraine inducing exercise to keep dates, people, locations organized.  This is where I wish I was friends with other historical writers to pick their brains and understand their process.  Second, I’m becoming a stickler for organization.  As if that OCD fact wasn’t bad the first time.  After all I am a Virgo and we do love our ducks in a row.  Third, I’m tired of having to ‘find’ stuff, even in what I think is my well-organized folders.  Time to get dirty with technology, because I’m tackling more than one writing project at the moment.  Scrivener will be pushed to the limit as well as the other tools I have.

So, I dove into excel last night to create a plotting sheet.  I took all of my ideas and mapped it out on paper, then walked away for a bit, and then returned with an idea, recalling the plot sheet that JK Rowling posted for OOTP book.  Yes, imagine seeing my palm hitting my forehead here when all of the lines merged in my brain…


I am ever thankful that she posted it online so long ago…mine’s not the same…but I think will work well…and its got color!!!




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