Just morning…

Morning Sunrise

Morning Sunrise

Waking up, I noticed a pinkish cast to the blinds. I quickly dressed in something appropriate, grabbed my iPhone from the nightstand, and peaked through the blades. A nice salmon sky greeted me, and I snapped off a picture, because a few seconds later it was gone. The leaves are already changing this far north in the mid-west. Too many have already told me I will need good goose down coat for the winters, something I’m not looking forward to. I have been in harsh weather before, both in Pennsylvania and Scotland. But I can just imagining cocooning my body in such a coat and wanting to find the nearest spot to fall asleep. Goose down is my friend, and have my duvet on nine months out of the year on my bed. My ideal temperature is roughly 55-65F. It will be interesting to see how deep the snow falls here, and see how I survive my first winter.

I need to get back to the writing….


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