When on a roll, don’t stifle your creativity….

Scrivener Thesis/Dissertation Template

Creating a Thesis/Dissertation Template

One of my philosophies is when you’re on a roll, don’t stifle your creativity.  As I await for feedback on my Enhanced Novel Template, I’ve working on three things.  Two presentations, and a thesis/dissertation template.  The later stems from a mind map I created from reading and utilizing the Guide to Successful Thesis and Dissertation Writing.  I found this book rather helpful in my graduate education.

Thesis/Dissertation Mind Map

Thesis/Dissertation Mind Map

I wanted to take the mind map a step further and utilize Scrivener.  I had seen other templates floating around the net, but I figure, if I interface what I gleamed from my own studies, writing, and implement them, I could come up with a pretty good template that might even help with composing journal articles, and future research.   So it’s in the works.

Again, how does this help me with my job hunt.  I have a digital portfolio.  I can’t just sit around moping, feeling sorry for myself.  I do have days like that, but then I end up criticizing myself and kicking my posterior to do something.  I can only accomplish so many applications in a day and need to go on to other things.  I hone my skills, and I am thinking about writing.  And I realize, I might just be organizing all the stuff that is in my head, getting it out in digital form and creating something I could utilize in that said portfolio.

So when on a roll, don’t stifle your creativity.


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