Thinking in the wee hours of the morning

Had another interview today with a great Tourism and Hospitality program.  Of course, preparation for the interview started the day I received noticed about the interview.  I acquire the names of those that will be a part of the interview, delve into the university, look at old and new clippings from the news, etc.  I print out as much as I can as well as the employment announcement, my letters of intent and my cv.  Since it is Skype, I log in and accept any invitation, test the system, and clean up the office/bedroom.  I explain to my parents that I will be unavailable from what time to what time and since we live in the mountains, ask Dad not to play on the computer or his other devices so I have maximum WIFI access.

I am a detective during this time period.  I survey the evidence and develop questions, anticipating the committee member’s line of thought.  I write down the questions and try to answer them or prepare key words to deliver my thoughts.  If it is an extensive announcement, I write down their minimum and preferred requirements and again construct key words and examples to address these areas.

This morning as I lay in bed at 0612 I was thinking on two examples and visualizing the interview.  Questions about research were bound to come up as it was part of the announcement and they are a research institute.  And yes, I did make several mistakes but no one is perfect.  I utilize several different methods that the traditional teaching of T/F, Multiple Choice assessment.  I use a three prong approach to teaching of collaboration, communication and critical/reflective thinking with creative, innovative elements.  I use projects and case studies.  I love written communications, because I know the students are going to have to write for the rest of their lives.  And I try to bring in news, what is trending now into the classroom, each and every day.  Information, after all, is the driver of our industry.

So, one thing popped into my mind.  Social media and the proliferation of people posting their receipts online from restaurants.  The question that had me up, that couldn’t let me fall back to sleep was and have posted on my social networking sites…

How many hospitality and tourism companies are now writing up extensive policies for the use of social media by their employees? How many are overhauling existing policies and making them more in-depth? How many have discussed this with their employees? Really considering, once I find my new job, writing such a policy into classroom etiquette.

So, I hope the interview went well.  I really like this university and think I could really contribute to their program.

More later..have a great holiday!


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