Using Scrivener in the Job Hunt

So today, I needed to organize the job hunt. I have this great program called Scrivener and use it for my every day writing projects. I thought, why not the job hunt, to keep things organized and in one place. But I wanted this special, so first I went online and found some new icons to add to the graphics in the program. I found some really good Moleskine ones at Devaint Art.

First, I opened up Scrivener and started a new project, labeling it Job Hunt.  I used the blank format because I didn’t want to migrate all of the other writing stuff into the program that is associated with the different templates.  I needed to organize this to my own specific needs.

Then, second, I imported a folder I had created on my desktop called relocation that has all of my job hunt materials, even applications to-date.  I need that information for the unemployment to validate any activities for ‘looking for work’ requirements.

Why Scrivener?  I hate having to look for things and I had reached that saturation point with the job hunt.  And I wanted to do something more.  Back in my mind, ideas are coalescing into a potential book of experience.  As I visit with family, looking for jobs in the “Big City”, I am finding others reaching out for help and consultation.  Maybe their compliments, have a meaning, that I should be mentoring others on this?  God, knows I have had to look for jobs before, on several different occasions and have a host of experience.  The book sounds awesome!  I don’t know, if I could write this or not, maybe something for a Dummies book, “Using Scrivener for Career Building, Job Hunt????” Hey, maybe a best seller in my future.

Adding Icons

Adding unique icons to Scrivener

Third, To add the icons or change any icons, CTRL-click(right-click) on the folder or the page, and scroll down to Change Icons, then in the second pop up box, manage icons (now I am using a MAC so it will be different for PC). This box will appear, and you want to use the top box to add these icons permanently to the program.  I don’t know if this is right or not, but on the next change, I saw my icons listed.

Fourth, now to organize what I have imported into specific folders.  I know I have to keep track by week, my search and other activities for unemployment certification.

Specific labels, folders

Creating specific folders, labels for template

So I am thinking, that the top folder, where it usually states manuscript, could now be labeled leads.  Here I could create folders by applications and the materials I sent, notably, the cover letter.  Dates are important to unemployment, and so this might be the best bet.  Then I have to think of changing the meta-data to reflect these unique circumstances.  Is the hunt under application stage, under review, interview, 2nd interview, offer, follow-up, etc.  Now I realize I need a whole breadth of terminology.

This is going to be an afternoon project and I think will be very fruitful endeavor.

Stay tuned!


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