Day 11: Epiphany…

Sorry, haven’t posted in a week. Final push to get the move finished. The pod was booked, delivered and packed with stuff for storage. It was picked up and driven off by the company last night. Needless to say, had several minutes of anxiety. How tethered we are to our meager items. I know I am. Those items, beside family, are all that I have on the face of the earth and some of the items, though inconsequential, have important meaning. Yeah the old cliché here, ‘what is one man’s junk, is another man’s treasure….’ yada, yada, yada.

Hank Butitta converts a bus

Hank Butitta and his bus….

This morning, waiting on carpet cleaners, and some new appliances the landlord wants to put into the house, I did my usual, troll through the various news reports. As I take time out to scan several of my RSS feeds and Yahoo News, I come across this cool Master’s thesis by Hank Butitta. He is a recent grad from the University of Minnesota in architecture. He converted a bus for a living space and well, much more. This takes the small housing trend to a new level. Yeah, you could say it was just a glorified motor home, and I would agree. But could it be more? Yes. I like this idea. I’ve always wanted an airstream that I could pick up and go beyond the normal caravanning holiday, explore the world, learn about it; learn about yourself. Wouldn’t it be great to accomplish a master’s thesis with this much creativity, instead of the old standard? This should be an epiphany for all master’s and doctoral students everywhere, step out of your comfort zones, out the mundane and into something refreshing. Demonstrate your skills at a whole new level.

See a video of how the concept came to fruition:

He is chronicling his journey on a blog (Hank Bought a Bus), testing out the bus on a month-long journey. This will inform him, if his design has merit as well as the shortcomings and recommendations for the future versions. Either way, brilliant idea and A+ for creativity, innovation. Just think if any tourism or hospitality student could come up with a research question that could interface this idea with their own. How could this play to several concepts, including authenticity, self-discovery, and self-identity? Digital storytelling of a journey, discovering a sense of place? Branding of an idea? Even job hunting, because this hints at digital portfolio. Oh, the reflective practice. All of this…Outstanding.

And I see my favorite journal…Moleskine…

So, I will be back with more after the next few hectic days are over. I will try to sneak in a post if I can. Till then…happy moving …


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