Day 3: Time management….

There are just not enough hours in the day for me at the moment.  My strategy is to devote the morning to social media, job hunting, resumé and cover letter construction, and blogging.  I have a three prong approach, just like in teaching.  The three areas are:

  1. collaborate
  2. communicate
  3. critical thinking/creativity

and maybe a fourth, innovate or innovation.  Which brings me to my devotion this morning to my skill set to put the final touches on my industry resumé.  I need to move on to the cover letter and such, time is a wasting.

Skill set

Skills set, is it finished?

As I have done before, I have mapped out that portion, and now have a broader listing.  I need to convert that listing to a dialogue of a few sentences each because my resumé is already three pages long; one page too many.  I have researched online the different examples and several have appendices for experience, publication and references.  How pertinent is that for my industry?  I know some jobs might want samples of writing and I have that chronicled on my digital portfolio.  Which just takes me off on a tangent about my digital portfolio.  Do I need to revamp that for industry or construct the material in such away that it would be viable for both areas?  Again, I am faced with decisions.

This just brings me back to the skill set.  I don’t think I have them all there, especially as it pertains to the skills I learned during my 30 years in the tourism/hospitality field.

Am I constructing walls where I shouldn’t?  Walls that hinder my progress through the day.  Which begs me to rethink about time management.  I really need to chronicle my time, and see how efficient and effective I am completing tasks.  Which then leads me to thinking of creating something or finding something in Excel or Bento.  This has now led me into that realm of thought about the comment I got from a viewer.  Have I ever considered writing an eBook about this process?  Yes, even considered public speaking.  My students have told me in the past that I should consider motivational speaking because I really encourage them to organize, plan and devote some of their time to thinking about their careers.  Another iron for the fire.

Caspar David Friedrich - The Wander above the  mist

Caspar David Friedrich – The Wander above the mist

There are a host of questions and I am reminded of one of my favorite paintings by Caspar David Friedrich — The Wander above the mist.  I stand upon a precipice of change, with a host of opportunity before me.  There is a lot to choose from, several paths to venture onto and survey.  There are a lot of ‘awesome’ out there.  Which path is muddied by not only your own ambitions, your internal strife, but also outward forces that exert their own conflict?  Which one do I choose to take, the ‘well worn’ one trampled by many or the more scraggy one, with no distinct markings?  I could easily be waylaid by these internal and external forces.  And those individuals, that I value most, can be part of that conflict or not.  Life should not be rushed when a multitude of decisions are before you.  When the waters are a bit murky and you don’t know if you are in a deep or shallow end.  Recall, I don’t have a compass.  I have myself and my internal gage to weather the path.  I need to find myself, not allow others to find ‘me’ for me.  Self-discovery is not a finite proposition if you want awesome.  Your identity is dynamic, adaptable and evolves over time.  What you did yesterday, is not what you will do today or tomorrow.  You can stand on that precipice and continue to look or you can do several things–take a the well worn path of average or as Robert Frost has said:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost: The Road Not Taken Mountain Interval

So back to my task for the day.


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