Day 2: Pick yourself up…

Been filling out forms this morning and making phone calls.  Then went in to help a friend with the scanner/printer I sold her, made sure she was set up and ready to go.  As I stood there, directing her how to use her computer (MacBook) and how to download the driver, install the software (not that she couldn’t have figured this out on her own, but still, if you sell someone a product, you should give them at least a bit of help).  I was standing there directing her and realized, I do enjoy helping people with the technology.  I remember back to my semester at Strathclyde where I taught incoming first years basic computer skills.  At that time, as with any time, even now, I do feel the pendulum of anxiety swinging from calm patience to ‘come on’, you should know all of this already.  That people should already have basic computer skills.

So an area to work with, work on my patience.  This I guess harkens back to my ‘growl’ feelings with today’s students and I don’t mean to journey on an ‘ego’ trip here, but how come more and more people just don’t play with technology? Again, not tooting my own horn, but it is natural for me to want to investigate.  I guess that means I have a natural affinity for research, that I like getting on the computer, immersing myself in the technology and ‘getting lost’.



I am all self-taught in terms of computers. I’m not that great, not an advance programmer. I would say I am an advance beginner, and I wish I had more time to devote to php, java, and other languages. I don’t have to speak computer languages, but write them. I try to learn Gaelic, German and Italian through different apps, but I don’t have an ‘ear’ for such languages. My Spanish is equivalent to my high school education. Another skill to add to my ‘to-do’ list and get lost in a program.

Then, as now, I realize, or remember that what my grandfather always told me, “Learn something new every day.”  He was a man with an eight grade education that could read and decipher college level chemistry books at his job in Bethlehem Steel/US Steel.  He was one of the last men to know when to tap the molten steel by sight.  I can remember watching him doing puzzles constantly every day of his time with us.  He worked his mind, his spirit and body (even though he was heavy, he would walk every day, until his physical ailments prevented it).

Take the initiative.  Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do.  Do it yourself and take pride that you took that first step, even the road might lead in failure.  Pick yourself up and start again.  I have been doing that a lot lately.  Again today, I got a rejection letter in the email for another job.   So I start again.

PS and another skill, proof reading…definitely proof reading.


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