Day 1: Getting my head around things…

Building an industry resumé

Building and developing the industry resumé by utilizing mind mapping

So it’s day 1.  Last night I made a short to-do list and started mind-mapping out an industry Resumé.

Woke up at 0730 this morning, and prepared to face the day.  Usual routine to get going.  Gathered up my electronics, my journal, moved them to my desk and made breakfast.  Back at the desk for 0900.  Got through the usual, checked emails and then, started in on to-do list.

  • U-Haul
  • Student Loans/Unemployment
  • Health Insurance

Those were the priority phone calls and/or forms.  There are others that I need to tackle, but I put them to Tuesday and Wednesday.  I then spent some time talking to Mom and Dad.  And thank God for my parents.  There support has been much-needed and welcomed.  I appraised them of the movers and I can bounce off ideas, fears and what not off them.  I think they are as frustrated with the state of things as I am.  The biggest frustration and challenge is communication.  Academia is not like industry, and I think there are a host of graduates entering the workforce with few jobs.  Employers can pick and choose to their heart’s content.  At least I can rant to my parents, and they will listen.  That took most of the morning, and now can devote time to developing the resume.

Last night, even after turning out the light, and do not fault me for this, but I take my iPad to bed with me.  I sleep listening to music, or fall into slumberland, watching a movie.  I doze off listening to audiobooks, hoping they will sneak into my subconscious and give me some great dreams.  I know you might not want to do this, that it might not be good for the ole brain, but I like it.  If I get annoyed, even in sleep, I wake up and turn it off.  How is it different from leaving the radio or TV on in the background?

Last night I started to mind map out the industry resumé.  I started with what I knew, what I could put on the pages already–Education and work experience.  Skills were a little bit harder because I had to think and thinking on my part over the last few months, has been chaotic at best.  I had to laugh because I didn’t have all of my work experience on my original document.  Now I can make sure I thread it into the creation.

I finished off some of the skills and saved the document.  I use Mindjet Mindmanager’s iPad app because I have a plan with them and have a desktop version–I’m big on interfacing technology.  The more I can do on all my gadgets and share between platforms, the happier I am.  I have other mind-mapping software loaded, and utilize, but I like Mindmanager the best (so far–any company out there that wants to test drive their products or something…for free, I would gladly do it 😉 ).  I can then import that information that I create into a word document, and the parts of the document are already constructed.  I just have to clean it up and design a presentation piece.

So now to filling in the details.  Skills and describing what I can do.  The language, creating a visual, sometimes takes more effort.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m not over complicating the process.  Don’t know.  Stomach and head are telling me that it’s lunch time, and I need another round of caffeine.

But hey, it’s a start….


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