There are hints at the shifts in service quality, in the reinforcing and rebranding of British Airways.  I was alerted to this by a friend on Facebook (power of social media) and went to the video.  Digital storytelling is taking on new art forms.  Are we willing to sit down in front of the tv, on YouTube, Facebook, etc and watch such advertisements.  Does this demonstrate not just the promotional power of branding, storytelling, but also, authenticity of the global dynamic world in which we exist?  Is there a dose of mythology?  Does this highlight self discovery and self-identity?  Does British Airways allude to a sense of place, immerse us in social CRM?  This may or may not be a new strategy, but it tugs at the heart-strings and makes you think–when was the last time you were home to spend time with your parents and have one of your mother’s home-made meals?  (And to think that BA would hold a seat for some one to make a meal to send to their child…whoever thought of that idea, brilliant!!!–sign me up for one of my Mom’s chocolate cakes and wings!)  A host of questions could be extracted from this alone.


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