Poem: Wishes, Dreams and Falling Stars

Star Trails over Bennachie

Star Trails over Bennachie

Wishes, Dreams and Falling Stars

The countless stars in heaven’s mantle
A fair many in which to view
Twinkle with seduction
Beckoning to attach
A dream, a wish or two
And as they arc across the sky
In a fiery burst of speed
This is not its’ end
But a speed to a beginning
A birth
For every dream
Such a spark will need
To blossom into full

So when you wish
And impart your dream
On a tail of light and dust
It is a mark of yearning
That you alone
Within your heart
Can trust
And make into

©2005, Scottish Poems I

This is just a whimsical piece.  Not sure if it will make the final cut


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