Poem: One last day…

Sunset over the Cullins

Sunset over the Cullins, Isle of Skye

One Last Day
One last day
One last day to watch the kestrels
Hover, dip and play
One last walk in the autumn sun
Holding hands
One last copper sunset…
©2004, Scottish Poems I

Tomorrow marks the last day of summer and soon, winter will be upon us. I love autumn. I love the crisp bite of the air and the sweet, tangy smell of the leaves, and grass. Apples are now coming into their own and harvested. Honey crisps are my favorite besides winesap and others. I loved them baked with cinnamon and sugar. It makes me want to be at the Drovers Inn along Loch Lomondside in front of their fire enjoying a pint and steak bake. After this terrible heat of summer, I’m all for 60-70 temps again, even 50.

Sunset Heather Drumelizer

Sunset Heather Drumelizer

…it’s a day for long hugs, quiet touches
for drifting into dreams
©2005, Scottish Poems I

As I have said before, landscapes inspire me. And there is no better place than Scotland.

Sunset Over Talla Water 2

Sunset over Talla Water


..Be the framer of my dreams
Their creator
And I’ll believe
©2005, Scottish Poems I

Landscapes frame my vision of the world, my point of reality.  I would have it no other way.  I understand more in this cathedral than any other, organized or not.  This is true faith in the everlasting.



  1. Utterly gorgeous photographs and the snippets of poetry were perfection! Your descriptions made me feel at home and cozy in this Scottish scene, I cannot wait until I get the chance to visit the beautiful land of my ancestors myself!


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